It All Started Here. Jeff Young InTheCut: Capetown, South Africa

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I was raised in Los Angeles. My  Mom has been an actress / model/ jack of all trades as long as my twin sister and I have been alive. I was raised in Hollywood’s reach, literally. I was raised to be
‘in Hollywood.’
This was an interesting factor in my life which lead me through unconscious self-defeat, escapism and denial. I lived all over the world from 2001 -2014, concluding in 3 years of habitation
in Istanbul.

It was towards the end of this time that I had the most life-enhancing and liberating realization in my life. That being ‘in Hollywood’  didn’t mean I had to be an actor.

I was on a bus.

It was sunny that January day in Istanbul. I was taking the bus from my home in Etiler, towards the old Pera district now known as Beyoglu. The sun was beaming through the musty windows, creating a heat and stench, unparticular to most western cultures. I was facing west, the sun was in my eyes and at that moment the weight rolled off my shoulders, as if Atlas shrugged.

That moment lead me to large realizations, inspired decision making, and strangely fortuitous emails. I knew I had to leave Istanbul. My wife and I, HAD to leave Istanbul.
There would be no more energy drain tied to a career in Istanbul. The fluctuating emotions and let down would succumb to my greatest inspiration, becoming a television host.

I began contemplating how to make the quickest transition from Istanbul, disruption no matter. I had endured years of my favorite city, to be held in little regard within the sphere of
accomplished dreams.

The email arrived 5 days later.

A friend in Capetown had worked at a modeling agency. He wrote me they were looking for guys to come down to finish out the ‘season’, to enjoy the end of summer in Capetown, and hopefully make some money. I had been to Capetown multiple times previously on direct bookings throughout modeling, so I knew it was a great place for me. And would be, for us.
We needed sun, after gnawing disappointments, we needed fresh energy. Thank the gods for new energy. I know not all of us have
this opportunity.

After discourse, we agreed to leave in 9 days, we would purchase our flight and they would cover rent for 6 weeks. I knew modeling wasn’t my main objective going down there, it was filming, and my fleeting opportunities would finally be mine.

You see in this industry you can create your own work. With youtube, vimeo, vine and a plethora of digital advancements making your own content is easier than ever.
Capetown would be my first foray into hosting and
video production.

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I shot video everywhere I went, with the iPhone and my Canon 550D, an entry level DSLR. I loved it. I had purchased a lavalier microphone a year earlier and we experimented in using this unglorified apparatus. It was entry level, sound quality bad, lots of static, and often times never connecting to its own channels.
After a few weeks we were a bit fed up. My wife would film me doing stand ups and walk and talks, that often ended in escalating annoyance at both of our lack of knowledge / experience/ ignorance and of course arguments were always nearby.

It was at this time, we were to attend the Design Indaba conference in Capetown, a design conference in all aspects including furniture, graphic arts, fashion, and jewelry.
After shooting within the hall, and another bout of inadequate sound quality my wife had enough. We went to buy some ice cream, in a fit of frustration she decided to walk up to the next person carrying a video camera. Not knowing videographer from amateur she went for it.
It was in this way we met our first mentor in video production and hosting, Zach Vincent, who was in all ways poised to be our guy. Laid back, understanding and well versed, Zach discussed with us some options we had to shoot and to set up a meeting if we wanted to work with him.

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A few days later we sat down with Zach at a local cafe on Kloof St, popular with model types, creatives, and local Capetonians, we laid the groundwork for what would become my first pilot show for
‘In The Cut: Capetown ‘.

We discussed the show pitch, the market, the length, establishing a script, the ideas, camera, mic, assistants, and logistics. We were setting up our own production in that very moment. 3 brains uniting together under an unproved show title, lead by Zachs experience and local knowledge and our enthusiastic blindness.
That day is one I will always remember.

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The shoot day(s) went off without a hitch. We shot a yoga / workout sequence on top of signal hill the first morning. We broke for the day and caught up the next. It was Saturday, we were to visit Bo Kaap, take a walk through downtown, go to the Old Biscuit Mill, Woodward Arts District, Kalk Bay on the south coast and finally Hout Bay, where we would end the day under an epic sunset.

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Through direction, mad inspiration and consistent effort we churned out the days greatest events, inciting events, conversations, and opportunities to work with all under Zach ever rolling shutter.

I’m very thankful for  the day my wife broke free of traditional thinking and literally grabbed Zach, whom we now count as a
great friend.  Zach in turn helped us create one of the greatest experiences of our lives, while documenting every step to create a beautiful first pilot show.
Watch here: Jeff Young In The Cut: Capetown, South Africa

That was the first time I ever stepped in front of a camera professionally, to host.

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Since then I have made over 40 videos,  learned countless tricks in video production, visited multiple cities, all through passion and undeterred action of which I have gained increased self respect… Thank you for being  a part of my journey.


The Best 3 Spots for Traditional Preparation of Turkish Coffee in Istanbul


While coffee in the western sense is a burgeoning scene in Istanbul, Traditional turkish coffee is still served in almost every restaurant in the entire country.

However, in Istanbul the chances to find a traditional preparation technique not using commercially marketed machines, that, with the touch of a button prepare an almost perfect cup, are hard to find.

On my recent trip, they were near impossible to find however three spots still line up to that great tradition.



For over 15 years the owner of this hole in the wall, off Istiklal Caddessi, the main thoroughfare from Taksim to Galata, has been serving Turkish coffee, fronmthe same cezve, or coffee pot, over an open flame.  With standard perfection of a thick, lightly frothed coffee here you can count on an exceptional beverage.
Watching the preparation here is a bit difficult due to the space but if you have a chance to watch don’t miss it.



What it lacks in visually stunning interior is more than made up in preparation technique at PATI CAFE. Here you can watch every step, coffee, sugar, water, mix, heat…. up close.
The highlight, mind you, is the heating technique. Sand is held in an open pot that is heated from below, traditionally by fire, today by electricity. Watch as the water is heated by the sand, gently frothing the coffee, to the rim of the cezve, and  immediately poured in your single cup. A fun experience that will remind you how coffee was prepared by the Turkish people when they were on war campaigns or as nomads in Anatolia.

pati_cafe_istanbul_best _turkish_coffee_in_the_cut


The greatest and perhaps the oldest running cafe and nargile(hookah /shisha) spot in istanbul. This 18th century mosque, medrese, and courtyard is a direct decedent of the coffee houses you would have found in Istanbul as early as the 16th century.
Locals and visitors all  unite here to take part in the oldest traditions of coffee house culture.

corlulu_ali_pasa_cammii_medreses-istanbul_best _turkish_coffee_in_the_cut

corlulu_ali_pasa_cammii_medrese_hall_istanbul_best _turkish_coffee_in_the_cut

corlulu_ali_pasa_cammii_medrese_chandelieristanbul_best _turkish_coffee_in_the_cut

Cool Hotels with Bunk Beds: For THAT TRIP w/ friends.

Harkening back to the days of youth, independent hotels around the world are bringing you back to that free spirit of overnight revelry making rooms much more affordable by adding bunk beds to inspire  friendship and memories to last a lifetime. Not your average summer camp these bunks come equipped with led tv’s, wireless connections, comfort and nostalgia.

Want to save a few bucks and hit the road with your friends ? Maybe that huge house rental is looming large in your mind due to expense?

Check out  a few of these awesome hotels that will put you and your friends in the same rooms, where you can talk dreamily into the ceiling as your bunk mate surfs the web. All out enjoyment can be had including pillow fights, card games and all the fix ins of a good ‘ol slumber party.


THE POD HOTEL / New York City

With 2 locations in Manhattan this design, budget friendly hotel holds nothing back in visual stimulation. Bright airy rooms, sleek lines, comfy beds and tech will have you feeling your staying in the echelons of great design.
The Pod Hotel
230 East 51st Street,
New York,  NY  10022

145 East 39th Street
(between 3rd Ave & Lexington Ave)
New York, NY 10016


ACE HOTEL / New York City

The standard bearer in this new age hip hotel concept Ace Hotel NYC offers a double bunk bed for you and a friend to share memories from the streets into the bunk. Enjoy top notch coffee, free wireless and the best lounge in the Ace Hotel portfolio.

20 W 29th St
NYC, NY 10001



A converted building that housed soldiers returning from the war in the 1950’s has been repurposed in a  modern sense. Exposed brick, deep greens and wood paneling keep the cabin spirit alive, while gendered oriented shared bathroom facilities lined with modern tiles and french faucets remind you of the showers at the lake.


The Bowery House Hotel
220 Bowery
NYC, NY 10012



After a complete refurbish this west London hotel situated just minutes away from many highlights including the Natural History Museum, the V&A Museum, and the Royal Albert Hall. Affordable luxury at 4 stars, free wifi, air conditioning and well designed interiors the NADLER promises, ‘the same price out as the one you came in with.’

25 Courtfield Gardens

25 HOURS HOTEL / Various European Cities

Nostalgic, modern, trendy everything the times are calling for in one place. The 25 Hours Hotel Group have solidified themselves as the leading youth friendly hotel groups in Europe. With great european design flair, excellent amenities and the spirit of entertainment these hotels will inspire your trip every moment you enter.



25 Hours Frankfurt
25 Hours Hamburg Hafen City
25 Hours Hotel Zurich


Built for sailors with cabin-like rooms in 1908, the iconic landmark  was restored in 2008, its centennial. Located in the West village at the Hudson River, The Jane Hotel has hosted a myriad of guests from government, music, culture and entertainment. A short stroll from the hotel puts you in the heart of the NYC’s meatpacking district and energetic atmosphere. With a cozy 50sq ft bunk cabin you are sure to relax and unwind immediately into a cozy bed and all the modern hookups.

The Jane Hotel NYC
113 Jane St
NYC, NY 10014

WYTHE HOTEL / Williamsburg NYC

A 70 room hotel situated on Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg, where many locals hang and near to some of the best cafes, restaurants and night life locations in all of Brooklyn. This refurbished factory complete with exposed brick and piping is the center of alternative life in Williamsburg and Greenpointwythe_hotel_nyc_cool_hotels_with_bunk_bedsin_the_cut_travel


ROUGE HOTEL / Washington DC

A deep, sensuous grounded experience that energizes the spirit with the passion of a rose. this boutique hotel is blocks away from the imperious White House the grand lady of the US. From the comfort of the beds to yoga mats, and relaxing scents the Hotel wants to comfort and sustain your body and mind on your trip to DC.

Rouge Hotel Washington DC
1315 16th Street
NW Washington, DC 20036

NU Hotel Brooklyn / New York City

Indulge in your stay as your discover the artistic independent spirit of Brooklyn. Explore the neighborhood through suggestions of the staff. revel in your rooms spacious atmosphere our pul up to the bar and meet creative minded folk. the NU Hotel Brooklyn represents the alternative spirit alive and thriving in Brooklyn.Nu_Hotel_Hotels_in_Brooklyn_ny_Rooms_FriendSuite_cool_hotels_with_bunk_beds_in_the_cut_travel.jpg

NU Hotel Brooklyn
85 Smith St
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Downtown Beds Mexico City / HOSTEL

A new hotel centered in the historical center established as a 17th century palace and now the trendy got to place for the free, friendly spirit. Surrounded by numerous sights of local, cultural and artistic flair Downtown Beds is the ideal base for your stay in Mexico City.

Downtown Beds Mexico City
Distrito Federal, Mexico City


Live on the edge as the definition of acrobat states, while you indulge in the pleasure of exploring Athens. ‘ Dwell in the surreal, embrace the weird, explore with freedom’city_circus_athens_greece_cool_hotels_with_bunk_beds_in_the_cut_travel.jpg


City Circus Athens
Psirri neighborhood Athens.


Photos courtesy of respective sites and Facebook pages.