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Best Bars in Bushwick: Morgan / Jefferson L Train

While most bars in Bushwick, if not most of Brooklyn, will easily offer you a beer and a shot, each bar has a special attitude that will keep you coming back for more. Here is a list of the best bars off the Jefferson L  in Bushwick, Brooklyn no particular order..


Set on the corner of Wilson and George, locals hold this as a favorite down to earth,  grab a drink,  and join the conversation bar. Here mellow all welcoming attitudes will sit you up at the bar and offer a shot if you hold well to the conversation. If you dont get that shot, at least you could leave one for your friend in the ‘hood. a small blackboard lists each person who has been bought a drink. Rarely does one expire, a drink that is. Smash on the juke box and sing with neighborhood revelry.

Wilson and George St Bushwick





The reigning man of darkness, this is not your bar to sing, but rather scream out loud. Think metal raging through this dark windowless outpost. Although access to a patio is granted through the back, here you will find darkness in its greatest state. Don’t come here to talk.

286 Seigel St
(between Bogart St & White St)

Kings_county_bar_bartender_bushwick_best_bars_brooklyn_in_the_cut_travel  bushwick_kingscountyentr_inthecut


Pearls Social is the standard bearer in hip, neighborhood bars popping up around Brooklyn, focusing only on cocktails. Not a place to get your popcorn. Do expect a fun, lively crowd, poured on your grandfathers favorite bar with all the board games to boot.

St. Nicholas and Starr St. 




Bars hold coveted corner real estate in Bushwick and The Bodega on the corners of St Nicholas is no exception. Come for craft beer, wine, cheeses, a strong sandwich selection and even brunch ! Bar seating makes you feel like a regular, while sitting along the bench will give you enough privacy, if you’re looking for solace in a carafe.

St. Nicholas, Scott St, Troutman Intersection




A block east of the Jefferson L you’ll find Heavy Woods a sister bar to The Bodega around the corner. Here a few more culinary fantasies are indulged upon from new orleans style and bisuits and gravy

Wyckoff and Willoughby


This has the potential to be part of the greatest bar hopping event one could muster in bushwick. Places to get equally fed by drink and nosh. throughout the day starting with beers and snacks continuing to meals and cocktails. Have Fun !