Clarkes Dining. Capetown. Bree Street.



Blues. Open Kitchen. Stammtisch( aka seat reserved for really awesome person). Skaters.

Recipe for an awesome experience at any diner, anywhere. This one just happens to be in the most coveted travel destination in the world. Capetown, South Africa. Yes, it is on Bree St. Yes, it is in the cut. Yes, you can eat breakfast all day.

Wait, you can even order liquor? WHAT!

Thats right happy hour and all, this haven for creatives and skaters sparks up at night with a laid back atmosphere, house drinks, and dim lighting all to help you on your quest to remain anonymous when you walk out with a double lean after breakfast or dinner.

What brought us back time after time is the sweet ladies on the griddle and the bar seating in front of their prep area. Smiles, songs and laughter exude from these boisterous woman who hold no bars when cooking up a storm.


Fine & Raw. Bushwick, Brooklyn. NYC

Weather unrelated, coffee and chocolate always enhance endorphins. The raw chocolate hand-produced and distributed at FINE & RAW may just take it to another level. Dehydrated at 120F, enhanced with agave nectar, himalayan sea salt and coconut oil, you may just find yourself, beyond normal endorphin sensations when this mellow, soft chocolate ignites a flavor revolution on your palate.



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