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Thursdays in Cali. Bludso’s Bar, Cue, and Sports. La Brea. Los Angeles


The spirit of Texas barbecue has been ignited on LA Brea after thriving for many years in Compton on Long Beach Boulevard.
Bludso’s La Brea brings open seating with stained wood benches, minimalist decor, and 8+ HD Tvs that blaze daily sports.


Meat tenderized and smoked up to 14 hours, food comes out surprisingly quick, faster than your drinks, moist and tender. A couple sauce options arrive with the plates, however much is not needed, if at all. Vinegar rests on the table to enliven brisket if thats your taste.

Brisket and rib tips are standards of great cue and here nothing comes up short.

A cocktail menu and full bar is offered along with the meat choices.  One doesn’t find cocktails listed next to BBQ often, so take that as a hint that this is one extraordinary place. Try the Jackpot, with rye, ginger, and lemon or go for the Southern classic Julep on Tap, made for West Coast palettes.



PBR comes on tap, corn bread on the side, peach cobbler for dessert and sweet tea to wash it down, add those up with rib tips, brisket, pork ribs and you got home cooking straight from Texas on La Brea.

609 N La Brea
Los Angeles 90036





Travel LA: Thursdays in Cali. Oldfields Liquor Room. Culver City


A throwback to cocktail culture Oldfields, specializes in the revived culture of mixing distilled spirits. An ode to joy to those not interested in food service Oldfields only serves cocktails, beer and wine, while offering small cheese plates upon request.

Thursday night however, exceptional Mexican cuisine is served under a tent in the parking lot. Don’t miss delicious tacos for $1.50 a piece and burritos at $7, among other mexican fare.

And one of the best happy hours in Culver City ! Top Notch 5-9p.

oldfield_liquor_room_full_bar_jeff_young_in_the_cut_blogWant to read up on the history of Oldfields name ? Click hereoldfield_liquor_room_happy_hour_menu_jeff_young_in_the_cut_blog

oldfield_liquor_room_lemon_cocktail_jeff_young_in_the_cut_blog oldfields_liquor_bar_cocktail_jeff_young_in_the_cut oldfield_liquor_room_perfect_head_jeff_young_in_the_cut_blogNot interested in the concoction menu? Go ahead a build-a-buck !

Oldfields Liquor Room.
10899 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034
(few blocks west of Overland/ N. side)
Photos courtesy of Oldfields Liquor Room website and instagram.

Thursdays in CALI. Malibu Farm Cafe, Hideaway on the Pier.

Sometimes I’m driving up and down Main St in Santa Monica,  Abbot Kinney in Venice and a few other local spots but just can’t find the spacious quiet energy that I need to relax, have a coffee or work without the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood. Depending on my energy its hard to find that perfect cafe when your in the trappings of land.


Enter Malibu Farm Cafe, a rustic sweet spot, on the edge of the historic  Malibu Pier, where only those willing to get out of the car will ever find. So be one of those and  get out of your car.

Malibu_Farm_Cafe_Malibu_Pier_Shop_wall_In_the_cut_ Malibu_Farm_Cafe_Malibu_Pier_outdoor_community_table_In_the_cut_ Malibu_Farm_Cafe_Malibu_Pier_dining_table_In_the_cut_ Malibu_Farm_Cafe_Malibu_Pier_Fresh_Organic_Local_In_the_cut_ 5 months into an initial 6 month ‘test’ period Malibu Farm Cafe has been well received by the community and visitors. With home grown fare from a few of the local Malibu Farms, owner Helene Henderson has created a rustic fusion of of dishes from vegan coconut w/ veggies Kale Ceasars to Quinoa Oatmeal, fried eggs and lavash bread.

Coffee, tea and other refreshing beverages including organic juices are available along side a meal or as a stand alone… The al fresco seating is first come first serve and if you time properly a seat along the northern edge of the building is the most desired.

From here you can watch surfers ride one of the most reverred breaks at Surfrider beach, enjoy the seagulls swooping from sea to sky and enjoy a fresh mellow breeze off the Pacific.

They do have a curbside service if you need to pick up and go, but no one would ever leave a suggestion to do that when a glimpse of the simple life is stretched out right before you.

Malibu Farm Cafe is located on the Malibu Pier about 11 miles north from the Santa Monica Pier.

23000 PCH, Malibu, CA 90265