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Thursdays in Cali. Bludso’s Bar, Cue, and Sports. La Brea. Los Angeles


The spirit of Texas barbecue has been ignited on LA Brea after thriving for many years in Compton on Long Beach Boulevard.
Bludso’s La Brea brings open seating with stained wood benches, minimalist decor, and 8+ HD Tvs that blaze daily sports.


Meat tenderized and smoked up to 14 hours, food comes out surprisingly quick, faster than your drinks, moist and tender. A couple sauce options arrive with the plates, however much is not needed, if at all. Vinegar rests on the table to enliven brisket if thats your taste.

Brisket and rib tips are standards of great cue and here nothing comes up short.

A cocktail menu and full bar is offered along with the meat choices.  One doesn’t find cocktails listed next to BBQ often, so take that as a hint that this is one extraordinary place. Try the Jackpot, with rye, ginger, and lemon or go for the Southern classic Julep on Tap, made for West Coast palettes.



PBR comes on tap, corn bread on the side, peach cobbler for dessert and sweet tea to wash it down, add those up with rib tips, brisket, pork ribs and you got home cooking straight from Texas on La Brea.

609 N La Brea
Los Angeles 90036




Virgil Village. Off Sunset Silverlake. Coffee, Grub, and Cocktails, In The Cut

Most anyone can navigate Sunset Boulevard, drop through “Silverlake’ and return home feeling justified in their search for originality, independent and local. However, off Sunset is where you will find the true neighborhood, where neighbors walk down to the coffee shop for marmelade not blinded by lines of tourists and where Caribbean food is as local as Guatemalan.


Traveling a short distance off  Sunset near Sunset Junction will find you heart to heart  with a few down to earth restaurants , a cafe and even a cocktail bar in all of the area. So hop a bike or plan a walk and get off Sunset.


Many a journey will start of with desired coffee so head down Hoover St from Sunset or Santa Monica Blvd, if you are entering Silverlake from the south head up Hoover at the Temple / Beverly /Silverlake Blvd intersection for CAFECITO ORGANICO

Los Angeles’ answer to Stumptown in Portland or Seattles Caffe Vita, CAFECITO ORGANICO takes the prefect amount of LA Culture mixed with Mexican Day of the Dead holiday and produces an exceptional blend of human produced CAFE O MUERTE.
This haven off the path serves a distinct neighborhood clientele that ranges from creative to counselor, attendant to shop worker.The outdoor patio generally houses a macbook laboratory but the conversation is so open and welcoming its hard no to jump into excitement around neighborhood gossip and LA life.




Head north up Hoover and west on marathon  where you’ll find food light enough to curb your appetite or heavy enough settle you down after the buzz of a top notch roastery. SQIRL LA is a precious cafe on the corner of Virgil Ave that is home to some of the best homemade jams, jellies, marmalades and locally sourced fare including meats, greens and seasonal treasures from the earth.

The side patio is a local hangout on than brunch days where you can hang and have a coffee without the feeling of others loathing your seat. A mellow vibe packs this minimal outpost, but surges in local energy and fun.




720 N Virgil Ave #4
Los Angeles CA 90029

If you’re more into lunch and a Caribbean / South American menu two local establishments rest on Virgil Ave that have staples of the community for years.

The Original CHA CHA CHA is home to outstanding Caribbean flair, including sangrias, plantains, all sorts of jerk, read beans, rice and a vibing Caribbean pulse.


656 North Virgil Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90004

The family owned AMALIA’S home to Guatemalan cuisine offers many favorites of South America including shrimp plates, churrascuro, revolcado, chorizo and chicken dishes.




From here enjoy a walk through the neighborhood to the North as you make your way up towards Santa Monica Blvd and Sunset or head east through the hills as you explore the sights from viewpoints over Los Angeles in many of these hills.


Check out the VIRGIL bar a speakeasy /cocktail bar on the corner of Melrose and Santa Monica Blvd. Featuring a small stage side lounge for intimate entertainment and gatherings and the bar side which is open nightly for ‘farm to bar’ ingredients and recipes known only here.


Photography courtesy of VIRGIL Site.
Photography courtesy of VIRGIL Site.

LA, CA 90029


photos courtesy of website and Facebook pages.