Thursdays in Cali. Bludso’s Bar, Cue, and Sports. La Brea. Los Angeles


The spirit of Texas barbecue has been ignited on LA Brea after thriving for many years in Compton on Long Beach Boulevard.
Bludso’s La Brea brings open seating with stained wood benches, minimalist decor, and 8+ HD Tvs that blaze daily sports.


Meat tenderized and smoked up to 14 hours, food comes out surprisingly quick, faster than your drinks, moist and tender. A couple sauce options arrive with the plates, however much is not needed, if at all. Vinegar rests on the table to enliven brisket if thats your taste.

Brisket and rib tips are standards of great cue and here nothing comes up short.

A cocktail menu and full bar is offered along with the meat choices.  One doesn’t find cocktails listed next to BBQ often, so take that as a hint that this is one extraordinary place. Try the Jackpot, with rye, ginger, and lemon or go for the Southern classic Julep on Tap, made for West Coast palettes.



PBR comes on tap, corn bread on the side, peach cobbler for dessert and sweet tea to wash it down, add those up with rib tips, brisket, pork ribs and you got home cooking straight from Texas on La Brea.

609 N La Brea
Los Angeles 90036





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