Fremont East: DTLV Creative From the Ground Up. Las Vegas


Two years since the start of one of the largest downtown revitalization projects ever, Las Vegas has more to offer than the pulverizing strip.  A few miles north of the MGM Grand a small community has been emerging from the historic investment by the Downtown Project.
Breaking away from Vegas tourist culture is Fremont East a neighborhood revitalized by investment, tech and overall creative independence.
Having dwindled to the seediness of a few bars and general avoidance in the mid 2000s, new ground level establishments have fostered interaction within restaurants, cafes, and community.

Does ‘container’ sound limiting ? Apparently not to the leaders of the Downtown Project as the CONTAINER PARK is the first stand alone enviornment created from the ground up on Freemont East.
A courtyard containing an interactive kids play ground, treehouse, multi-story slide, live music stage and green space is anything but limiting.
In theory it reaches far beyond the general idea to a limitless small business crown eager to get their ideas started.
The courtyard is the beginning, just the centerpiece to multi story  walls of shipping containers, aka business. On the north, the well known 40ft tall fire Booming (capitol yes, cause you’ll boom at first acknowledgement) praying-mantis that ignites the entrance and a lengthwise tunnel boldly proclaiming CONTAINER PARK, in its youthful glory.
Hosting over 30 local business’, the shipping containers have been formulated and fitted to the specifications of each individual business including vegan/raw food, bbq, jewelry, clothing and design.  An array of business to hit every desire of the growing community and purposeful visitor.
Stacked to a max of 3 high, these small business’ have been given start up money and the smallest of expenses to grow their new business. With strong support from the community these business’ will grow, like bambi, however awkwardly at the beginning in a safe enviornment, until they are ready to move on to a full retail space, likely, on the same street having outgrown the necessity of the container park incubation.

Container_park_Freemont_east_Downtown_las_vegas_jeff_young_in_the_cut_travel Container_park_courtyardFreemont_east_Downtown_las_vegas_jeff_young_in_the_cut_travel.jpg Container_park_stack_Freemont_east_Downtown_las_vegas_jeff_young_in_the_cut_travel.jpg


In recent weeks one of the first businesses invested in by the Downtown project, EAT, a breakfast and lunch joint, started by Natalie Young, has been thriving  just outside of the container park and paid back its initial investment within 15 months, ahead of the scheduled projection. The strength and desire of this growing community and its willingness to support new business fostered in the area is apparent.
(full article coming soon)



Also starting from the ground up, Fremont East is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in the world. Below is a list of some not to miss highlights of the neighborhood.

Street Art between 6th and 9th and running along Ogden Ave east of Las Vegas Blvd.

VHILS_street_art_Freemont_east_Downtown_las_vegas_jeff_young_in_the_cut_travel.jpg street-art_wrestle_Freemont_east_Downtown_las_vegas_jeff_young_in_the_cut_travel.jpg
Street_art_Freemont_east_Downtown_las_vegas_jeff_young_in_the_cut_travel.jpg hotel_art_Freemont_east_Downtown_las_vegas_jeff_young_in_the_cut_travel.jpg




Mob Museum

A former federal courthouse and U.S. Post Office the building is one of the last few historically significant buildings in Las Vegas. Fully functioning from1933-2005 this bulding house not just the history Vegas of mob time but all of America in mob attire.
300 Stewart Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101

Neon Museum
Founded in 1996, the Neon Museum is an indoor outdoor facility that includes a visitor center and an inspirational area known as the Boneyard,  an outdoor exhibition space housing over 100 neon signs that are know throughout vegas history.



Inspire Cafe


The Beat Cafe



Rachels Kitchen
Serving up Fresh Juice and Food leaning towards health.


The Gold Spike
An Epicenter of youth activity on Ogden St, less tourist more local including oversized jenga, corn hole ben bag toss, ice rink this winter(cold spike), outstanding bar and immersive atmosphere.
The place to be.
Downtown GRAND


Vegan options, wholesome atmosphere, not always the best service,

Le Thai
Excellent, good atmosphere, only restaurant on Freemont East on Mondays.

La Comida
Mexican, strong cocktail Menu


Atomic Liquors

Atomis_liquor-front_Freemont_east_Downtown_las_vegas_jeff_young_in_the_cut_travel.jpg Atomic_liquora_bar_restaurant_Freemont_east_Downtown_las_vegas_jeff_young_in_the_cut_travel

Downtown Cocktail Room
First cocktail bar in the area. Circa 2008

The Griffin
Of Los Feliz Fame

A Bit gaudy with chandeliers etc, but great large space and rooftop.


Lots of energy bar, going off most nights, great drinks and dj

Don’t Tell MAMA Piano Bar
Always packed and worth the good time


Downtown Tattoo

Pics of the neighborhood.El_cortez_Freemont_east_Downtown_las_vegas_jeff_young_in_the_cut_travel





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